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  Miniature & Dwarf Daffodil Bulbs

A wide range of rare & unusual dwarf growing daffodils for the garden, pots or exhibition. Many are multi-headed and some are scented. Generally hardy, strong growing, multiply well and prefer good drainage.

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MD1 (1) Angel's Breath - 5y-y - N.triandrus x N.fernandesii
Outstanding miniature with up to 5 pale yellow hanging flowers with deeper cups. A dream flower for pots, rockery and exhibition. Rare & Limited  
Angel's Breath - 5y-y
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD2 (1) Angel's Whisper - 5y-y - N.triandrus x N.fernandesii
Another gem from Australia. An outstanding miniature with up to 5 hanging flowers per stem in pale yellow with deeper yellow cups. A dream flower for pots, rockery and exhibition. RHS winner. Rare & Limited  
Angel's Whisper - 5y-y
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (per bulb)       

MD4 (3) April Tears - 5y-y - N.jonquilla x N.triandrus var concolor
Very consistent with 4-5 quality hanging flowers per stem which are neat and smooth. An improved Hawera with broader perianths. Excellent for show, pots or rockery. Ht.6in (15cm) Quality  
April Tears - 5y-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD5 (3) Baby Boomer - 7y-y - x N.jonquilla.
A very attractive jonquilla from the USA. The quality of the flowers are much improved compared to N.jonquilla. Has 5 to 8 yellow flowers per stem and is very fragrant. Strong grower and good in pots or rockery. Mid April. Ht.7in (16cm) Top class.  
Baby Boomer - 7y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD6 (10) Baby Moon - 7y-y - N.minor x N.jonquilla
One of the last miniatures to flower in May. The numerous pale yellow flowers are sweetly scented and it is best described as a smaller and improved N.jonquilla (species). Plant in the garden and enjoy. Ht 6in   
Baby Moon - 7y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

MD7 (1) Bebop - 7y-y - N.rupicola x N. poeticus.
An outstanding miniature from Alec Gray. Lovely round smooth perianth in greenish yellow. The disc shaped corona is vivid yellow with a lovely green eye. A great addition to any collection and stocks are limited   
Bebop - 7y-y
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (per bulb)       

MD8 (5) Bella Estrella - 11a w-y
An exciting dwarf growing split corona with a sparkling white perianth and a crisp yellow split cup. Something really different for patio pots or the garden. April flowering. Ht 8ins   
Bella Estrella - 11a w-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD9 (3) Beryl - 6y-yo
This is an outstanding dwarf cyclamineus which has stood the test of time (Pre 1907). Primrose petals with a glowing orange rim on the cup. A true classic for pots, rockery or garden and a delight to grow. Flowers early April. Ht 8in (20cm) Now rare  
Beryl - 6y-yo
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD76 (1) Bird Music - 1y-y - N.Wee Bee x N.Jetfire
A miniature yellow trumpet from the USA. Golden yellow perianth and a long frilled trumpet in a deeper tone. Dwarf growing. Good for pots or rockery. Flowers early March. Limited and Rare  
Bird Music - 1y-y
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per Bulb)       

MD11 (5) Bobbysoxer - 7y-yyo - N.rupicola x
A delightful jonquilla raised by Alec Gray. A rounded butter yellow perianth and neat deeper coloured cup with a distinct orange rim. Has 1 or 2 flowers per stem. Good for pots or rockery. Ht. 8in (16cm) Rarely offered.   
Bobbysoxer - 7y-yyo
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD105 (3) Camborne - 1w-w - (Ales Gray) - early season - New
Long lemon coloured trumpet turning white at maturity.  
Camborne - 1w-w - (Ales Gray) - early season - New
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD12 (3) Canyon Wren - 12y-o - (from Mitsch USA)
An unusual quality daffodil with 3-4 yellow flowers per stem. The bowl shaped cups are in light orange. Lightly scented and a strong grower in pots or the garden. Late March. Ht.10in Limited   
Canyon Wren - 12y-o
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD96 (1) Chappie - 7y-o - (Roberta C. Watrous) Mid Season
Very strong orange in the cup, neat round perianth. Nice to see some lovely colour in the miniatures.  
Chappie - 7y-o
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

MD16 (3) Clare - 7y-y - N.rupicola x N.poeticus
A clear pale lemon yellow with slightly reflexed perianth and a neat cup in golden yellow with an outstanding green eye. Good strong grower. Top class for garden, pots and Exhibition. Flowers mid April. Ht.7in (16cm)  
Clare - 7y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD111 (1) Crevette - 8w o - (J W Blanchard) - Mid Season
This has two to three flowers forming on a stem with bright orange cup shaped corona.
An excellent pose and top show flowers.  
Crevette - 8w o - (J W Blanchard) - Mid Season
Price:   £10.00 / $13.00 (per bulb)       

MD19 (3) Curlylocks - 7y-y - N.assoanus x - Bred by Mrs G Watrous, USA. A very neat jonquilla with yellow perianth and eye catching ruffled cup in gold. Has 1 or 2 small flowers per stem. Ht 6in (14cm)
Rare and unusual miniature.  
Curlylocks - 7y-y
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD20 (3) Double Itzim - 4y-o - The only double cyclamineus.
The vivid yellow perianth petals are slightly reflexed. The frilled corona and interspersed petaloids are in bright orange. This produces a very unusual and eye-catching flower. A real talking point. Limited & Rare  
Double Itzim - 4y-o
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD23 (3) Edgedin Gold - 7wy-y - from Steve Vinisky USA
Up to 6 unusual flowers per stem. The milky white perianths have a broad band of vivid yellow at the margins and are scented. Flowers in late April. Eye-catching and different.  
Edgedin Gold - 7wy-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD24 (3) Elka- 1w-w
A true miniature gem bred by Alec Gray with a milk white perianth and cream trumpet. Long lasting and excellent in pots or garden. Flowers end of March into April. Ht. 5in (12cm) One of the few white miniature trumpets available at an affordable price.  
Elka- 1w-w
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD26 (3) Fairy Chimes - 5y-y - N.jonquilla x N.triandrus.
Has 4-6 hanging greenish yellow flowers per stem. Produces several stems from established bulbs. Excellent for pots or rockery and is a top show winner. Sells out whenever offered. Late March. Ht.9in Limited.  
Fairy Chimes - 5y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD27 (1) Flomay - 7w-wwp - N.rupicola x N.watieri.
Named after Alec Gray's wife. This delightful miniature flower has white overlapping perianth segments and a white corona edged in pale pink. A flower of real quality and a top show winner. Pots or rockery. Ht. 7in Rare and limited.   
Flomay - 7w-wwp
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD87 (1) Fuco - 1 w-w
Best described as a white N. Minor. Nicely balanced creamy white dwarf trumpet. Quality flowers for rockery or pots. Early flowering. Ht.5in Rare  
Fuco - 1 w-w
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD88 (1) Gambas - 1 y-y
Vivid yellow perianth with corona slightly brighter. Resembles N.asturiensis but slightly larger at 35mm and of better form. Rarely offered & limited  
Gambas - 1 y-y
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD29 (3) Gipsy Queen - 1 y-wy - N.asturiensis x N.minor
A most beautiful yellow and white miniature trumpet. The fairly long trumpet is also neatly frilled. A true gem and deserves its growing popularity. Good in pots, rockery or border. Flowers late March to early April. Ht. 5in (12cm) An AGS favourite  
Gipsy Queen - 1 y-wy
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD30 (1) Golden Quince- 12y-y - x N.cyclataz.
An improved Quince sport with 2-4 golden flowers per stem. The neat cups are in a richer golden tone. Long lasting and good in the rockery, garden or pots. Early March flowering. Ht.6in (15cm) Now very rare and only a few available.  
Golden Quince- 12y-y
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD31 (10) Hawera - 5y-y
One of the most delightful miniatures with 5-6 hanging canary yellow flowers per stem. Good strong grower and outstanding for the garden, rockery or pots. Ht. 7in (16cm) Very popular. AGM from RHS.  
Hawera - 5y-y
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (for 10 bulbs)       

MD32 (1) Hummingbird - 6y-y - x N.cyclamineus (USA)
A wonderful miniature cyclamineus in deep yellow with a well reflexed perianth. The neat long corona has a slightly flared mouth. Pots or rockery. A real touch of class. Flowers mid March. Ht.5in Rare and Limited
Hummingbird - 6y-y
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (per buls)       

MD34 (10) Itzim - 6 y-r
A very colourful flower. The well reflexed perianth is bright yellow and the long narrow corona is vivid orange. Very striking in the garden or patio pots. Flowers mid March. Ht. 8in RHS - AGM  
Itzim - 6 y-r
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

M78 (1) Jumblie - 12y-o - Raised by Alec Gray
If you like Tete-a-Tete you will love its sister with better form. 2-3 flowers per stem with an orange flush to the corona. March flowering and long lasting in pots or the garden. Ht.6in (15cm) RHS - AGM  
Jumblie - 12y-o
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD36 (1) Keats - 4w-gyy - Raised by Alec Gray
A unique flower which is best described as a double poet with very unusual petaloids. The vivid green centre is enchanting. Flowers in May with the poeticus. Sells out every year. Rare and Limited availability  
Keats - 4w-gyy
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

MD37 (3) Kidling - 7y-y - N.jonquilla x N.requienii
A very small and neat Alec Gray miniature with 2-3 bright yellow flowers per stem. A well rounded cup which is neatly frilled. Has an air of quality and is best in pots or rockery. April. Ht 5in (12.5cm) An AGS delight  
Kidling - 7y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)

MD38 (3) La Belle - 7y-yyo
Has 2-3 rounded pale yellow flowers per stem with shallow coronas in orange-yellow with a distinct reddish-orange rim. A wonderful pot was on show at RHS Wisley. Is being used to breed miniatures with colour in the cup. Scented. Flowers in April. Ht.7in   
La Belle - 7y-yyo
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD40 (5) Little Beauty - 1w-y
One of the best miniature trumpets with a greenish-white perianth and a bright yellow corona. Good in pots or garden and is a strong grower. March flowering and lasts well. Ht 5in (12cm)   
Little Beauty - 1w-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD103 (1) Little Becky - 12y-y - Bill Dijk (NZ) Early Season
2-3 flowers per stem, nicely reflexed with a narrow corona with the edges widening to frilled edged golden yellow.  
Little Becky - 12y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (per bulb)       

MD98 (1) Little Dancer 1 w-y
More like a pale yellow perianth that white, with a deep yellow cylindrical or somewhat funnel shaped corona.  
Little Dancer 1 w-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (per bulb)       

MD106 (1) Little Darling - 1y-y - (Jade Frey) - very early season - New
Slightly reflexing perianth in deep yellow with straight yellow trumpet.  
Little Darling - 1y-y - (Jade Frey) - very early season - New
Price:   £1.50 / $1.95 (per bulb)       

MD42 (3) Little Flik - 12y-y - N.rupicola x N.gaditainus.
An outstanding miniature jonquilla from NZ. Has 2-4 tiny mid-yellow flowers per stem with matching neat cup-shaped coronas . The perianth is only 21mm wide. Good in pots or rockery. April. Ht. 6in  
Little Flik - 12y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD41 (3) Little Gem - 1 y-y
A perfect miniature trumpet with a bright yellow perianth and cylindrical corona with a darker tone at the rim. Ideal for pots or rockery. Flowers in early March. Ht. 6in (14cm) AGM  
Little Gem - 1 y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD43 (3) Little Rusky - 7y-gyo - N.scaberulus x
A stunning miniature jonquilla which has 2-3 yellow flowers per stem. The orange cups have a lovely green eye. Excellent in pots or the rockery and also a consistent RHS winner April. Ht. 7in  
Little Rusky - 7y-gyo
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD44 (3) Little Sentry - 7y-y - N.rupicola x
One of the most delightful small miniatures, flowers only 25mm wide, bred by Alec Gray. A smaller version of Sun Disc in vivid yellow with a darker tone at the cup rim. April show winner. Ht.7in Rarely available and limited.   
Little Sentry - 7y-y
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD108 (1) Little Tweet - 6w w - (B S Duncan) - Very Early Season
Dwarf Cyclamineus Only 36mm Opening With A Yellow Trumpet But Turning White.
With Maturity.  
Little Tweet - 6w w - (B S Duncan) - Very Early Season
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

MD95 (1) Medway Gold 7y-y - (J. Pesterfield) Early / Mid Season
Sweetly scented, one or two flowers per stem funnel shaped corona. Ht 6in  
Medway Gold 7y-y
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

MD46 (3) Miss Klein - 7y-y
A quality multi-headed miniature jonquilla bred by John Blanchard. Has 2-3 delicate yellow flowers per stem. Top quality for exhibition when grown in pots and excellent in the rockery. Flowers April. Ht. 6in (14cm)   
Miss Klein - 7y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD47 (3) Mite - 6y-y - n.cyclamineus x
A pure yellow cyclamineus with a long slender trumpet and swept back perianth. A superb classic form. Excellent for growing in pots, rockery or the garden. Many show wins including RHS & AGS. March flowering. Ht.6in (14cm)  
Mite - 6y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD48 (3) Mitzy - 6w-w - N.cyclamineus x
A true classic cyclamineus which matures to pure white. Similar to Snipe but flowers a little later. Good for pots or rockery. Ht. 6in (14cm) Popular with AGS members and a show winner.   
Mitzy - 6w-w
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD90 (1) Paula Cottell - 3 w-gww
A charming Div3 in milky white. The perianth is of strong substance and has a good overlap with a shallow bowl-shaped cup. Late April Scented. Rare.   
Paula Cottell - 3 w-gww
Price:   £2.00 / $2.60 (per bulb)       

MD52 (5) Pencrebar - 4 y-y
The only dwarf double jonquilla available. Its attractive yellow flowers look like miniature roses. Suitable for the garden, rockery or patio pot. Early April flowering. Ht 6in (12cm) A very unusual flower which becomes a talking point in any garden.   
Pencrebar - 4 y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD109 (1) Peseta - 8w y - (J W Blanchard) - Early /Mid Season
This normally has 2 to 4 flowers per stem and is a very strong grower with a lovely flat perianth and buttercup yellow coronas.  
Peseta - 8w y - (J W Blanchard) - Early /Mid Season
Price:   £5.00 / $6.50 (per bulb)       

MD55 (3) Picoblanco - 2 w-w - N.watieri x.
Miniature Div 2 flowers are very rare and this is one of the very best. Raised by Alec Gray it has a quality pure clear white perianth and a well balanced cup. Does well in pots, rockery or garden and increases well. Also a top show flower. End of March early April flowering. Ht 6in (14cm) Limited  
Picoblanco - 2 w-w
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD56 (L) (10) Pipit - 7 yyw-w
Has 2-3 flowers per stem. Pure lemon perianth with the cup opening lemon turning to white as the flower matures. Outstanding in a pot or a group planting in the garden. April flowering. Ht. 9in. AGM from RHS.   
Pipit - 7 yyw-w
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 10 bulbs)       

MD57 (5) Pixies Sister 7 y-y - N.assoanus x N.jonquilla.
A most attractive miniature jonquilla with 3-5 neat yellow flowers per stem. A strong grower and suitable for pots, rockery and the garden. Top exhibition winner. April flowering. Ht 6in. AGM from RHS   
Pixies Sister 7 y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD58 (3) Pledge - 1w-w
A true miniature white trumpet with a star-shaped perianth and well formed trumpet which opens cream. A strong grower for rockery or pots and multiplies well. Late March flowering. Ht.6in (14cm) Rare & Limited  
Pledge - 1w-w
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD84 (1) poeticus hellenicus - miniature poeticus
A truly outstanding poet with a glistening white perianth and a wonderful red rimmed cup. Good for pots, rockery or naturalising. Top show flower - Best Min Daff Harrogate 2011. Ht.8in May flowering. Will be of great interest to all wildflower lovers and AGS members.

Also listed in the Poeticus Daff, Dwarf Daff & Species Daff sections  
poeticus hellenicus
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (per bulb)       

MD60 (3) Rikki - 7w-y - N.watieri x N.poeticus
An outstanding miniature flower with a flat creamy white perianth and a neat yellow cup set off with a green eye. Good for pots or rockery and top quality for show. April flowering. Ht. 8in (20cm) Rarely available.  
Rikki - 7w-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD102 (3) Rounditta - 1y-y - (Leone Y. Low) Early Season
Lovely classic div 1. Neat long trumpet with round smooth perianth created lots of Intrest when show on facebook  
Rounditta - 1y-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (per bulb)       

MD62 (5) Sabrosa - 7y-y - N.henriquesii x N.watieri
An outstanding John Blanchard miniature jonquilla. Usually 2 tiny, smooth, bright yellow flowers per stem with flat perianths and neat cups. Grows well in pots or rockery and top show winner including at RHS shows. Ht. 5in (10cm) Rare & Limited
Sabrosa - 7y-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD63 (5) Segovia - 3w-y
The pure sparkling white perianth has a good overlap producing a nicely rounded flower. This is contrasted by a neat yellow cup. Very consistent and a strong grower. Excellent for the garden or pots also a regular show winner. April. Ht 9in (20cm) AGM from RHS and Wister Award  
Segovia - 3w-y
Price:   £3.50 / $4.55 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD64 (5) Small Talk - 1y-y
An early flowering golden yellow miniature trumpet. Regarded as a refined and superior form of N.minor. Good in pots, rockery or garden. Increases well. Late February flowering. Ht. 5in (12cm)  
Small Talk - 1y-y
Price:   £2.50 / $3.25 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD65 (3) Snipe - 6w-w - The true selection confirmed by Rod Leeds.
A classic white cyclamineus with a green tinge. Long narrow trumpet and the perianth is well reflexed. March / April. Ht.5in (12cm) Loved by AGS members. Very Limited  
Snipe - 6w-w
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD69 (3) Sundial - 7y-y - N.rupicola x N.poeticus. - A dainty miniature jonquilla. Simialar to Sun Disc but has 2 golden flowers per stem. The neat frilled cups are set off with a vivid green eye. Good pots, rockery or garden. Mid April. Ht. 7in An all round winner.   
Sundial - 7y-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD68 (5) Sun Disc - 7y-y
Rounded yellow perianth & neat flat cup with green eye. Consistent and weather resilient. Outstanding pots, garden ,show. Apl. Ht.7in AGM   
Sun Disc - 7y-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 5 bulbs)       

MD25 (3) The Englander - 6 y-y - N.cyclamineus seedling
A true dwarf cyclamineus in vivid yellow with a long neat corona and narrowly flared mouth . Hangs its head down in true cyclamineus style. Early flowering in pots or the rockery. Rare & Limited  
The Englander - 6 y-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD93 (3) The Little Gentleman - 6 y-y
A dwarf yellow cyclamineus in vivid yellow. Acute perianth segments are slightly overlapping. The cylindrical corona is slightly darker.  
The Little Gentleman - 6 y-y
Price:   £3.00 / $3.90 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD101 (1) Three of Diamonds - 3w-gwo - Mary Lou Gripshover Late Season
Nicely round perianth with lot of colour in the cup. Deep green in the throat with a ring of orange around the edge of cup. Limited stock  
Three of Diamonds - 3w-gwo
Price:   £12.00 / $15.60 (per bulb)       

MD70 (3) Tiny Bubbles - 12y-y - An outstanding miniature multi-headed cyclamineus type in a deep golden yellow. The neat reflexing perianth is balanced with a long slender cup. Good for the rockery and pots. Ht 6in (15cm) Winner at RHS 2009.  
Tiny Bubbles - 12y-y
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD73 (3) Woodstar - 5y-yww
An outstanding miniature triandrus with 4 - 6 hanging flowers per stem. The reflexed perianths are soft yellow and the smooth cup-shaped coronas mature to creamy white. A top show winner and real class.   
Woodstar - 5y-yww
Price:   £4.50 / $5.85 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD74 (3) Xit - 3w-w - N.watieri x
A top class miniature flower from all perspectives. Pure sparkling white with a stunning green eye and a neat cup. Wins at all the top shows and is excellent for rockery, pots or garden. Ht. 8in (20cm). Needs good drainage so plant on grit sand. Top quality  
Xit - 3w-w
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 3 bulbs)       

MD75 (3) Yellow Xit - 3w-y
The sought after colour break from Xit. The flower combines a glistening white perianth with a bright yellow cup whilst retaining the stunning green eye. A beautiful flower. Pots or rockery and top show flower. Needs good drainage. Ht. 8in (20cm) Rarely offered.   
Yellow Xit - 3w-y
Price:   £4.00 / $5.20 (for 3 bulbs)       

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